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While demoing some video embed functionality for a project I'm working on, I elected to use the lyrical masterpiece that is Weird Al's "Gump"

Now, with minimal work, Weird Al could turn this into an awesome Trump analogy. Replace Gump with Trump and Forrest with Donald and you could have a masterpiece.

"Gump was a big celebrity He told JFK that he really had to pee"

"Trump is a big celebrity. He told Obama that he really had to leave"


"He's Gump, He's Gump, He's Gump What's with that hair?"

"He's Trump, He's Trump, He's Trump What's with that hair?"

Most of the running is analagous to the presidency

Run... run... run, run, now Forrest

Run... run... run, run, now Donald

I'm having some problems with the personal ones here.
Lieutenant Dan?
His girlfriend Jenny was kind of a slut
Scratch that. This should be easy. I bet that the Don Tron would provide a list

Waddya think Al? I hear there are a lack of performers willing to take on the inaguration. This could be epic.

Legit though - I'm a Trump Guy. Especially when compared to the other trainwreck that was running.