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You never really understand

For real --

I've been writing this blog entry for 3 days.


I literally brought my system back to the 'meh let's start from scratch' to get this entry done in the most efficient way possible.

It's about making an app for Ionic Framework using PouchDB and CouchDB live synced and running legit on android (because I'm too poor to buy a mac to build for ios) and all y'all adblockers don't help :|

Regardless. Incoming - by the end of the weekend: A very in-depth application with Ionic, Pouch, Couch, and some very colorful commentary.



This picture is from Gus' Chicken. Possibly the BEST fried chicken in the world. Memphis, TN y'all. Check it out if you're ever within 500 miles. Worth the trip.

Also, Elvis lived there. Go visit the King's palace @Graceland.