Diablo 3 Season 6!

Being an adult really takes it's toll on my ability to game. I got married at the end of January and we've already got a little tyke on the way! Being one who loves gaming, I realize that this is going to dig severely into my already very limited amount of free time.

I have dreams, ambitions, books that I'd love to read, songs I'd love to learn to play, however I just can't seem to put flashy screens and big numbers aside long enough to accomplish all of my after-work-goals. This is where my love of Diablo comes in.

I'll fully admit -- I was a HUGE WoW player. It's almost embarrassing the amount of WoW I played. I fast turned into that guy that was like 'Huh, you play WoW eh? What's your prog brah? Oh, heroic dungeons with friends? L2 4h/night heroic raid contents scrub' - It's true. I saw a lot of my room while I was in University (Computing Science...) Between projects, labs, classes, work, etc. The rest of my life was spent in Azeroth fighting Dragons, Demons, Ogres and Trolls (both the race and the 'ers). This was fine and dandy until I finished school, got a real job and house and bills and such. The WoW life died when my University degree rose from the ashes.

To fulfill my desire to cram gear and to see big numbers fly across the screen I dived into Diablo 3. Granted that I played all of the Diablo games dating back to my legitimate fear of it when crawling down to combat Leoric, I was never that IN to Diablo games. They were fun, don't get me wrong, but I never had any desire to play past a couple of play-through's as the grind just wasn't as rewarding as the WoW grind. Diablo 3's release saw some challenges. I played through the difficulty levels (embarrassingly enough I can't remember them all) through to Hell. At this point I was finished. That was enough 4 act story rolling for me. I had some friends try to lure me back in when they introduced monster level, then torments, and it wasn't until the announcement of Adventure Mode that I realized that it was time to go again.

Talk about awkwardly rewarding. The grind is the same, the story is only slightly different. The game itself sucked me right back in by really introducing no new features at all. The dream of chasing that higher Torment level then the higher Greater Rift levels (once TX was on face-roll) I just can't stop playing! The beauty of it is that all I really have to do is budget 15 minutes MAX to roll through a rift (if I'm not already on 3 minute farms or w/e) and I can pick it up and throw it down at any point.

This is why I'm so excited for Season 6. What's there to be excited about? Going back to the grind and getting higher numbers again? Some random in-game pretty flashy addons? Yep. That's enough to keep me coming back.

I've been a huge fan of Witch Doctors, regardless of their squishy nature and their reliance on builds that are so extremely delicate that the week long grinds start to wear on even the most dedicated of D3 grinders. However this recent feature of Haedrig's Gift is making me really uninterested in rolling my go-to class. Zumi's? Really? Full disclosure: I haven't read all the change logs yet and they may have fixed the plagues of this trash set but I don't care about a set bonus that can be achieved by 20 different items and a passive (more fetishes.) DH's get Marauder's, Barbs get Raekor's (the IK / Raekor's set is just so ridic) Crusaders (who cares).


I think that I'll have to finally break down and build a Monk this season. It's the only class that I haven't seasoned with and the only class that I currently don't have a geared out max level at. The play style of the monk always seemed a little meh to me. Legitimate click mashing and I just purchased a fancy new Corsair RGB mouse >_<. I suppose it really doesn't matter though. These mechanical keys and mouse switches get some serious stress testing with the D3 roll.

Long story short, I really enjoy D3. I'm going to make a Monk, and if you're looking to play we're in the bossest Guild on the America's. Maple Syrup -- get some.