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Battlefield Hardline

I was skeptical purchasing Battlefield 4 with a new skin.
The plagues that were the issues in the BF4 release left me dreading the first day release of the game. Rubber banding, terrible netcode, constant crashes. It was almost enough to keep me from jumping in both feet first. There was also the issue of the games content. The gentle mixture of BF4, GTA, CS:GO left a bad taste of my mouth during the beta. I was scared that there was going to be an immense miss in the way of Battlefield. It definitely felt like a marketing ploy to pull aspects of other best selling / popular games, throw them into a bucket, then toss it to the wolves that are the noble battlefielders. With all my reservations, I purchased the game, premium, SUPER DIGITAL ADVANCED HARDCORE VERSION and jumped in head first.

The end verdict:

Pleasantly surprised.

I found a server with zero lag and smashed out a solid three hours playing Hotwire on Dust Bowl.

The attention to detail gave me immense pleasure. Using a carbine rifle as an operator, it didn't matter that I was without my grenade launcher. I could put some well aimed bullets through the car window and take out the driver and any passengers they may have. Then you could reposess the car as your own and continue on your merry way driving in circles trying to hit some sweet air.

If you can get over the completely imbalanced guns,
the extrordinary annoyance of everyone trying to complete syndicate assignments (for even more imba guns) instead of playing objectives...
I'm going to rathole here.
Syndicate Assignments:

Viscerals method of rewarding those without jobs or other such responsibilities.
Extremely annoying assignment lines which takes an exuberant amount of time that provide you with an unreal weapon for whichever class you smashed your life into for a solid 10-15 straight hours.

Check out this gameplay to see the extreme lameness that is the 1-shot-1-kill-chest-shot .300 Knockout attained by smashing your face into the Professional (sniper) assignments.

At the end of the day, I'm just a jealous old man because I don't have the skill or time to unlock this ridiculously OP gun.

Back on topic. The physics are solid. There has been minimal server issues like stuttering, elastic banding, crashes and the like. Definitely don't regret making this 130 dollar investment for a couplease years of entertainment.


The game is fun. Get it. Prepare to dedicate your life chasing unattainable dreams unless you're unemployed or sponsored.